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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
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Application for "Children's Picture Diary Competition 2018" is now accepted!

During the summer vacation, we will collect a picture diary that shows the Isewan ferry as a part of the scenery. This depicts the experience of boarding and travelling with Isewan ferry. Award winning works will be selected and the winners will receive an “Oversized stuffed toy”, “Atsumi Special Melon” and “Isewan Ferry original goods”.

In addition, we will give the Isewan ferry original ballpoint pen to everyone who participated as a consolation prize.

Applicants: Elementary school students only
We are looking forward to have many application!

Application requirements

  • Entry Period: July 14, Sat - August 31, Fri, 2018
  • Participation Targets: Open to all Elementary school students
  • Application method: Please fill out the form on the back of this leaflet and submit it.
  • Condition of the work: Please be sure to include "Isewan Ferry" in either picture or sentence.
  • Entry form: Available in all Isewan Ferry’s port info desk, installed in the pamphlet box at the ship. (The file is also downloadable by clicking the link at the website.)
    In addition, please confirm the application requirements stated in the leaflet. Remember to fill out the address, name, school name etc, before submitting the form.
  • How to submit:
    [ Direct submission ] Please submit your work to the Isewan Ferry’s Ticket Office.
    [ For mail submission ] Please send it to the address indicated on flyer. (Please pay for the mailing cost.)
[ Award winning announcement ]
Sep 14th (Fri), 2018 on the website

[ Winning Work Exhibition ]
Toba Ferry Terminal: September 21 - September 30, 2018
Irago Crystal Porto: October 5 –October 14, 2018
Mie Prefectural Office 1st floor Prefectural Hall: October 29 - November 2, 2018
Aichi Prefectural Government Underground Passage: November 26 - December 7, 2018
  • Inquiries: Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd. ☎0599-25-2880

Application requirements of a picture diary contest

The Best Award Winning Work 2017

Tahara-shi central part first grader Aisa Kamimoto
Toyohashi-shi good luck fourth grader Haru Nakane
Matsuyama, Toyohashi-shi sixth grader Sakura Matsumoto sound
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