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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

Café · Convenience store


Would you like a relaxing cup of coffee during the waiting time?
Opening Hours / 7: 40 am - 5: 40 pm

Isewan convenience store (local specialty shop)

A little shopping before boarding can be done here. We have a large selection of souvenirs, local sake of Ise-Shima, canned beer, sweets, newspapers, magazines and so on.

I began morning discount!

By the Toba Ferry Terminal the second floor cafe corner sound of the sea breaking on the shore, I started an offer of the morning discount in August, 2021.

Sales price: Each menu 500 yen (tax-included)
* Egg sandwich + salad + drink
* Ham sandwich + salad + drink
* Toast + salad + drink
※The drink can choose one article of one of coffee, tea, the orange juice.

Offer time: Until 11:00 a.m.

Please drop in casually at time awaiting Toba sightseeing, ferry boarding. In addition, it is eatable in the ship as I heard the takeout sale.

I look forward to your use and make up.
Egg sandwich 500 yen
Ham sandwich 500 yen
Toast 500 yen


☆ Now is the season! ☆

Collaboration of Atsumi melon from Aichi Prefecture and an ice cream on top! It’s good to eat whole by yourself or share with everyone. It's limited menu for summer season.
Melon and ice cream 900 yen
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Ferry Service Co., Ltd. (Restaurant Ferry)
Toba 3-chome 1484-111, Toba-shi, Mie 517-0011  (Toba Ferry Terminal 2 F)
TEL: 0599-25-7150 FAX: 0599-26-5772
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