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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

Transit between Toyohashi Station and Toba Port

We sell special priced set ticket for this transit (Valid for 2 days) It comes with “Train+Bus ticket (between Toyohashi Ekimae station and Iragomisaki)" and “Isewan ferry one-way ticket”.
[ Charge ] One-way
Adult (junior high school student or older) 2,500 yen
Child (elementary school student) 1,250 yen
[ Ticket box ]
Toyohashi Station Bus Center
Atsumi Line Main Stations
Isewan Ferry Toba port
[ Notes ]
1. Since this coupon is already discounted, no other discounts are applicable.
2. The validity period of this coupon will be 2 days from the date of purchase
3. No stopover permitted. However, transfer from the train at Mikawa Tahara station to bus or bus to train is excluded.
4. Please be aware that arrival time at Irago Port may be delayed due to reasons such as inclement weather and you may not be able to transfer to the bus.

Route map

Fare comparison with Toba, the Toyohashi discount ticket

In the case of use of one adult
Use of land route
The total sum
Advantageous sum
Kintetsu limited express (Toba → Nagoya)
Meitetsu high speed limited express (Nagoya → Toyohashi)
4,230 yen
1,730 yen
JR (Toba → Toyohashi)
High speed Mie, Tokaido Main Line new high speed
3,600 yen
1,100 yen
1.The payment at the master of Toyohashi Station bus center, Atsumi Line station required becomes the handling only for cash.
2.As this coupon becomes the coupon which already gives you a discount, and was applied, I let you apply other discount more and cannot use it together with other discount.
3.A stopover is possible at Mikawa-Tahara Station (from a bus only at the time of transfer of Atsumi Line) in front of Kyukamura, sanitarium entrance, golf course, Irako sea park ago.
4.As arrival time for port of Irako is delayed by reasons such as the stormy weather, and transit may not be possible to a bus, please be careful.
○ Toyohashi Railway Atsumi Line Takashi Station
    TEL: 0532-45-4927
○ Toyotetsu Bus Atsumi Office
    TEL: 0531-33-0211
○ Isewan Ferry Irago port
    TEL: 0531-35-6217

Toyohasi Railroad Mikawa-Tahara Station

The rich iron bus Toyohashi station square

The customer of the use, please use Shin-Toyohashi Station in Toyohasi Railroad.

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