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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376


1. About reservation

Q1: Can I make a reservation in advance of boarding?

For car user passengers (motorcycles cannot be booked throughout the year), we accept reservations up to 10 cars for each flight from three months prior until the day before boarding. (Unavailable on the day).
* We accept reservations by phone only. (E-mail is not allowed)

Reservation reception time (9: 00am - 4: 00pm)
TOBA port: TEL 0599-25-2880
IRAGO port: TEL 0531-35-6217

However, please note that we don’t accept reservation for the following peak seasons.

[ Reservation exclusion date ]
Golden week:          April 28 - May 6, 2018
Obon Festival:         August 4 - August 19, 2018
New Year's Holiday: December 29,2018 - January 4, 2019
* The customers who has made an appointment should come to the boarding point 20minutes before your boarding time. (The reservation will be cancelled if you don’t show up 20mins before.)
* You can also board the ship without reservation. We will accept reception on the arrival day as first-come-first-serve basis.

Q2: Please tell me how to make a reservation.

You must call us and provide the following information by 4:00pm the day before the embarkation:
  1. Boarding date
  2. Time of boarding
  3. Departure port
  4. One-way or Round-trip
  5. Name (Representative’s name if it’s a group)
  6. Number of people (Adults /Elementary school students/ Infants)
  7. Vehicle information (Number of vehicles and length) 
  8. Contact information (the information will be used when there is a risk of suspension of service.)
*Passenger without vehicle can board without reservation. However, group passenger need an advance reservation.

Q3: Can I make a reservation on the Internet?

We are sorry, but we accept reservations only by phone for now.

Q4: Is there any cancellation fee to cancel my reservation?

No cancellation fee will be charged.

* If you cannot arrive to the port 20 minutes before of embarkation, your reservation is automatically canceled and the reservation will be given to the first-come-first-served customers.

2. Fare (payment method, discount, etc.)

Q1: Is it possible to pay by credit card?

Yes, you can use credit card.
However, set tickets and discount items are only paid by cash.
In addition, customers who board from Irago, the tickets will be handled only at the Irago sales office (Next to parking).

Q2: Is it possible to pay with electronic money?

We are sorry, but we are not accepting it for now.

Q3: What kind of discount system is there?

There are Round-trip discount and Disabled discount.
● Round-trip discount:
If you purchase a Round-trip boarding ticket, the return fare will be 20% discount. The validity period will be 7 days from the date of purchase.

● Disabled discount:
Those who have a notebook of TypeⅠphysically handicapped and TypeⅠmentally handicapped will receive a 50% discount for the person and care taker. But, if you have a TypeⅡphysically handicapped and a TypeⅡmentally handicapped will receive 50% discount for the person and no discount for the care taker or vehicle fare.

Q4: FAQ about discount system

Q. Is there JAF discount?
A. We are sorry but there is no discount for now.

Q. Do you have discount for seniors?
A. We are sorry but there is no discount for now.

Q5: Do you sell coupon tickets?

We are selling it at each station. (For Passengers vehicle, on foot customers, etc.)
  1. Fare for 6 time tickets and get 7 time tickets.
  2. Fare for 10 time tickets and get 12 time tickets.
* The validity period will be 3 months from the date of purchase.

Q6: Is it possible to pay with the “Thanks Ticket” of Toba city home town tax payment?

Yes, you can use for Normal price ticket.
Note: You can’t use it for Set tickets, Discount tickets, and Coupon tickets. Also, we cannot return change. Please use above face value.

Q7: Is the payment possible with a local promotion ticket and a premium gift certificate?

It can seem a coupon Toba-shi premium gift certificate, Toba trip, and a travel area support coupon is available.
But the revenge of the change is not possible. Please use it in denomination or more.

Q8: Is there the advantageous ticket?

I sell the advantageous products and advance ticket that a ferry fare was bundled with a tourist facility.

I sell Toba Aquarium combination plan (plan car plan on foot) or Shima Spain village car plan.
I sell the advance tickets of other tourist facilities.

For more details, please confirm it in a page of ⇒ profit information.

3. About boarding

Q1: How long before the departure do I need to be at the boarding point?

Please arrive 20 minutes before departure time.
Note: the ship may be full depending on the date and time of use.

Q2: Do I need to have a vehicle for boarding?

No, you can board the ship without vehicle.

Q3: Can I get on board in wheelchair?

Yes, you can board.
Customers who need assistance during boarding, please contact the person in charge Also, Chita-Maru and Ise-Maru are equipped with an elevator, please make a request upon your reservation.

Q4: How many motorbikes can you board at the same time?

Although there is slight difference by the operating ship, we can have around 10 motorbikes on board.
Please note that we don’t accept motorbikes when we have reached the limit of car vehicles.

Q5: Condition of the onboarding motorbikes

At our company, we are using a belt for fixing for prevention of falling.
Please be forewarned that we will refuse boarding for motorcycles that cannot be fixed to the belt.

Q6: About instructions at the time of the stormy weather

When you let a vehicle (I include a two-wheeled vehicle) go on board at the time of stormy weather, under the influence of the navigation medium frequency and wind, seawater blows in a vehicle deck from the neighborhood of stern and the hull opening, and please note that seawater may suffer from a vehicle.

4. About waiting time

Q1: What kind of season/time can we board the ship immediately?

Usually, there is no waiting time during weekday.
Relatively free time zone:
From IRAGO Port: In the afternoon
From TOBA Port: In the morning

Q2: How long do I have to wait during congestion time?

At times of peak seasons such as Obon, New Year's holidays, Golden week, etc., it may take up to 1 hour to 2 hours for waiting.
When getting on board from IRAGO port, congestion will be during the morning. And, getting on from Toba port, it will be around 2 pm to in the evening.

5. Onboard facility

Q1: Do you sell drinks, snacks, and souvenirs onboard?

< Beverage >
We are selling coffee, tea, canned beer, various kinds of liquor etc. in the shop corner. We also have a vending machine installed.
< Light snacks >
We are selling baked rice balls, fried noodles, Takoyaki, Frankfurter and various kinds of snacks.
< Souvenirs >
We also sell our original goods, such as Ise Udon, Sweets and so on.

Q2: Is the restroom in the ship?

It is in a general guest room and the special room.
About the multifunctional restroom, it is in the general guest room.

Q3: Is the elevator in the ship?

Among three service ships, it is completely equipped in the Ise-maru, Chita circle and can use it between a vehicle vehicle deck and general guest rooms.
But please note that it is not available during a voyage.

Q4: Is the smoking section in the ship?

I establish the smoking section on a general guest room deck out of the rear.

Q5: Is the Wi-Fi usable in a ship?


6. About pets

Q1: Is it possible to board with pets?

We are refraining except guide dogs, helper dogs etc., but you can bring pets on board under the certain conditions as below.

< A small dog with a cage >
If you put pet in your cage you can bring pet on board with you.

< A small dog without cage or medium size dog >
You will have to leave your pet in the car.
In addition, due to laws and regulations, customers cannot remain in the car while in transition. Also, please be aware that vehicle cannot be parked with the engine running.

7. Guide about surrounding area

Q1: What is the traffic access to the ports?

◇ Access to TOBA port
 < By foot>
  · Get off at Kintetsu Nakanogo and short walking distance to the port
 <By car>
  ·About 10 minutes from Ise Futami Toba Line Asama Tollhouse (about 11 km to the port)

◇ Access to IRAGO port
 <By foot>
  · Get off at Toyohashi Railways’ Mikawa Tahara station at (about 30 km to the port) Approximately 50 minutes by Toyotetsu bus
 <By car>
  · About 110 minutes by car from Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu IC (about 81 km to the port)
  · About 100 minutes by car from Toyokawa Expressway Toyokawa IC (about 57 km to the port)

Q2: Is there any parking lot around the station?

< Around TOBA port >
We have a paid parking lot at Toba station.
Usage fee: 800 yen per day Number of parking units:
200 (However, the number of parking units will decrease for busy season.)
* Motorcycles cannot be parked.

< Around IRAGO port >
There is no paid parking lot, but there is a free public parking lot.
Number of parking units:
200 (However, it is very crowded on the weekend, public holidays and busy season)

8. Platform parking lot

Is there the parking lot around a platform Q2?

<Toba boarding point>
I am fully equipped with a toll parking lot in Toba boarding point.
Charge 800 yen a day
200 parking number (but parking number decreases for the multi-visitor period.)
※The two-wheeled vehicle cannot park.
<Irago boarding point>
You can use a public parking lot before the Irago Crystal Porto free.
200 parking number (but it is crowded very much for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and the multi-visitor period.)

8. Inquiries

Q1: About inquiries

< Inquiry by telephone >
Reception hours: 7: 40am~ 5: 40pm
TORIBA port: 0599-25-2880
IARAGO port: 0531-35-6217
< Inquiry by e-mails >
We accept inquiries by e-mail only on weekday and it may take time to reply. We recommend to phone us if the customers are in hurry. 

Q2: About Lost and found

< Contact information >
If you have left something onboard or at the Toba Ferry Terminal,
please contact Toba Ferry Terminal: TEL 0599-25-2880.

9. Facilities about Toba Ferry Terminal

Q1: Is there any coin locker at Toba Ferry Terminal?

We have large, medium and small ones on the 2nd floor of the building.

○ Large size (8 sections)
    Height 80 cm × width 36 cm × depth 48 cm
○ Medium size (6 sections)
    Height 50 cm × width 36 cm × depth 42 cm
〇 Small size (20 sections)
    Height 30 cm × width 36 cm × depth 42 cm

Q2: How much is rental fee for coin locker?

Rental fee is below:
○ Large size (8 sections) 500 yen/day
○ Medium size (6 sections) 400 yen/day
○ Small size (20 sections) 300 yen/day

Noted: It is limited to use only during our business hours.
(Business Hours 7: 40am ~ 5: 40pm)
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