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Atsumi Peninsula cycling road

Atsumi cycling road

Atsumi cycling road is the cycling road where way and Route 42 for exclusive use of the bicycle walker are constructed by overlap section.
For the way for exclusive use of the bicycle walker, there were Kyukamura route, Atsumi route to be able to enjoy the view of point on the abdomen and the love ka beach of the sunrise, the Akabane route which ran in along the shore of magnificent Wakami, Toyohashi route, and it was chosen in 1987 by one of "100 selections of Japanese ways".
How about enjoying cycling at Atsumi Peninsula that can overlook magnificent scenery?

In late years, in the Isewan Ferry, I install a cycle station in the waiting for place for improvement in passenger service by the improvement of acceptance environment maintenance of the increasing cyclist in cooperation with Tahara-shi.
In the station, I perform the rental of the tools such as inflators, sale of the carrying food, the distribution of the cycling route map other than a cycle rack and a locker, change of clothes space, free Wi-Fi setting.

The Irako Port area comprises the parking lot, and, as the starting point when you go to Atsumi Peninsula for cycling, please utilize it as a rest station.

I see it on the run and map ring Atsumi Peninsula cycling

Cycling map 1(2021-03-21・6071KB)

Cycling map 2(2021-03-21・3904KB)

Irako cycle map

Irako cycle map(2021-03-21・267KB)

List of Atsumi Peninsula cycle supporter hospitality facilities

I will introduce Atsumi Peninsula cycle supporter hospitality facilities.
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