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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
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About Boarding with Pets

To Customers Accompanied by Pets

<When using a cage for a small-body pet>
◆Boarding with pets is allowed when using a pet carrier, cart, cage, etc. as long as the pet is fully enclosed inside and the lid/fastner are closed.
◆Please place the cage on the floor of the deck or passenger compartment at your feet, and provide care in order to prevent disturbances to other guests. Please be sure not to let your pet out of the cage.
◆In cases of animal allergies or complaints from other passengers, please follow the directions of staff without delay.
◆Back slings, baskets, and other items for which a pet's face and/or body are partially exposed are prohibited when boarding; please leave them in your vehicle.
<When accompanied by medium or large dogs>
We ask that you leave medium or large dogs inside your vehicle when boarding.
※Guide and service dogs are permitted for boarding.
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