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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
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It is open in "space invader giga max" Shima Spain village!

Event of the Shima Spain village autumn

Space invader giga max
In the Shima Spain village, "the space invader giga max" which can experience the game "space invader" which sparked a big boom worldwide in the 1970s with huge screen is an appearance!

I shoot down an invader hitting screen of Riki Osako of 17.4m in height X 23.7m in width of "cancer Bronn Theater" in sequence. Let's protect Shima Spain village from an invader!
I compete for a score by a play at ten same time and present a commemorative sticker to the person who came first!

Let alone a classic stage, you can enjoy it to the force which has not experienced space invader including the direction from the idle generation added newly together more than a generation.

Period: Until Sunday, November 28, 2021
In the Isewan Ferry, held by a sightseeing in wide area campaign autumn until December 31, 2021!
A return journey fare is a super advantageous campaign becoming free by the ferry round-trip use. (use of coupon of the tourist brochure becomes the condition)
From Aichi Tosan River, Shizuoka, the Kanto area, let's go to the Shima Spain village on Isewan Ferry!

For more details↓↓
Please confirm site tego of the Isewan Ferry sightseeing campaign.
※I carry out new coronavirus infection prophylaxis.
In addition, postponement, the reduction of the event may cancel it by the infection situation.
In Shima Spain village HP, please confirm the latest information such as the details, the event of infection measures.


Than Isewan Ferry Toba boarding point
30 minutes via Route 167

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