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Shima Spain village "harouinfiesuta" holding!

Event of the Shima Spain village autumn

Monster pumpkin
Wonder photo block


I hold "harouinfiesuta" in the Shima Spain village of the autumn of 2021!

Period: From Friday, September 3 to Sunday, October 31

Monument "monster pumpkin" of 4m in height that a mysterious photograph comes out by flash photography will appear in the esupanya street. A newly top pumpkin shines and can enjoy a mysterious atmosphere like the Halloween even more this year. In addition, I carry out "the outing Halloween" that can rent the setting of "the Wonder photo block" that a letter of "HALLOWEEN" rises when I photograph a mysterious-shaped block from a certain angle and Halloween apparel.

A Halloween special menu comes up!

Special menu NEW!
A Halloween feeling becomes lively at a theme park, the hotel
A menu will come up. Play of the pretty monster
With sweets and a ghost and the bat full of hearts as a motif
Please enjoy the menus which ta is mysterious, and are gorgeous.
In the Isewan Ferry, I sell "the From Irago-limited Shima Spain village car plan" that Shima Spain village 1DAY passport was bundled with the ferry boarding price.
Please use Isewan Ferry from Shizuoka, the Kanto area to the Shima Spain village.
※I carry out new coronavirus infection prophylaxis.
In addition, postponement, the reduction of the event may cancel it by the infection situation.
In Shima Spain village HP, please confirm the latest information such as the details, the event of infection measures.


Than Isewan Ferry Toba boarding point
30 minutes via Route 167

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