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"Melon nimeromero stamp rally 2020"

Atsumi Peninsula melon road "melon nimeromero stamp rally 2020"
A period: From July 4, 2020 to September 27
Place :Participation store 26 store of the whole Atsumi Peninsula, Tahara-shi
[participation method]
①I can get a stamp when I have you purchase an order by a target menu at a participation store. (by one article of dish order one stamp)
・・It is only ・ this.
②I can challenge a triangle lottery when I collect five stamps.
 (please put the product of * red store two or more by all means)
③I can pull the triangle lottery at a tourist information center on "Roadside Station, Tahara mekkunhausu" the first floor. (9:00-17:00)
④I am gladder by W chance and, by a simple questionnaire, am fun!
⑤Toward all store accomplishers, there is a present without exception♪
 "Cantaloupe 2 ball & article not for sale! I present a canned specially made melon Meister batch‼
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