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About the introduction of "the PROTECTON Variac soot play"

Our company introduced the antivirus antibacterial spray product "PROTECTON Variac soot play" that Nippon Paint industrial coating sold newly in July, 2021 for new corona infection prophylaxis reinforcement from August, 2021.
In the ferry industry, it becomes the first introduction example.

I coat a doorknob, a handrail, a table, a chair, a counter, the button with the contact infection risk with the product regularly to be able to enjoy a sea voyage in peace and handle it.

PROTECTON Variac soot play

"The PROTECTON Variac's ™ spray" made full use of photocatalyst or us's original immobilization technology that Nippon Paint group cultivated by paint development until now and was developed. The publicity such as medical facilities, an office, the house space, public transport, educational institution is high and expect that I have the making of space that is safe in every scene where many people gather utilize it.
It reacts to the weak room light such as fluorescent lamps by adoption of the visible light reply form photocatalyst at the same time to remove a virus and the bacteria which attached to the surface by combination of the highly-concentrated alcohol instantly and even a gloomy place (environment) shows an antivirus antibacterial effect by the hybrid action with metal ions. The effect can expect continuation one month or more. Furthermore, by us's original immobilized technical application that I cultivated in a paint technology, I can expect the maintenance of the durable antivirus antibacterial coating film for the physical load such as the wet wiping.

Antivirus test result

About the product details of "the PROTECTON Variac soot play", please see a homepage of Nippon Paint industrial coating.

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