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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

GOGO cycle stamp rally

I hold "GOGO cycle stamp rally" in the Atsumi Peninsula whole area.

I collect four stamps and, during period, can participate in the lottery that a souvenir of Atsumi Peninsula hits when I have you submit a mount to "Roadside Station Tahara mekkunhausu" and "a Roadside Station dirt spring local people station" in answer to a simple questionnaire.
Of the stamp rally drop in, and, in the point, a sightseeing experience is possible, and it is in the contents which can enjoy enough Atsumi Peninsula full of nature when eat original rice served in a bowl.

In addition, the cycle station of the Isewan Ferry Irago boarding point is authorized by a cycle supporter, and the acceptance environment of the cyclist including a cycle rack and the repair kid is regulated well. As the rental of rent-a-bicycle goes, please drop in.

* National cycle route 

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