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Isewan Ferry Co., Ltd
Toba3-chome1484-11,Toba-shi,Mie, 517-0011
TEL. 0599-25-2880
FAX. 0599-26-3376

Irako accommodation plan

Irako accommodation plan

It releases the special plan that bundled an accommodation plan and an Isewan Ferry boarding fare 10% discount (with an inboard special room one way ticket) of "accommodation takanoya of the ground fish" with accommodation "resort hotel ryukyukoreshuku" boasting the dishes using local ingredients. (it completely needs reservations)
[the release period] January 9, 2021 - whole year
[the offer staff] Adult two ... (it completely needs reservations)
・Staying (with half board)
・An Isewan Ferry boarding fare is 10% off (with an inboard special room one way for free ticket)
[the release price]
As a setting rate varies according to each facility, apply from the following site.
※In the case of an application, please fill in the boarding date and time of the ferry on a request column to staying.
○Resort hotel ryukyukoreshuku (☎0531-35-6525)
○Accommodation takanoya (☎0531-35-6864) of the ground fish      
[boarding fare] With vehicle, passenger fare 10% discount + special room one way for free ticket to less than 6m
<vehicle, one way> ※I include one driver
        Less than 3m 4,320 yen (normal 4,800 yen) 
    5,220 yen (normal 5,800 yen) less than 4m 3m or more
    6,210 yen (normal 6,900 yen) less than 5m 4m or more
    7,110 yen (normal 7,900 yen) less than 6m 5m or more
<passenger fare, one way> Adult 1,440 yen (normal 1,600 yen)
※In the case of the round-trip use, I will usually discount an outward trip 10% discount, return journey 2 from a fare. (as for the boarding time for return journey, there is no designation)
※As for the customer using it on foot, Irako Port and pickup and drop-off to a hotel, an inn include it.
[adjustment method] Please pay the staying price and the ferry boarding fare in each facility.
Inquiry [7:40-17:40] about the ferry
Irago boarding point ☎0531-35-6217
Toba boarding point ☎0599-25-2880
About a cancellation fee
※It does not cost the cancellation fee until 16:00 of the day before on the use day.
※It is 50% of release amounts of money until the day after 16:00 of the day before on the use day
※Use daily allowance day is 100% of release amounts of money

1.Of the reservation when there is not it, is not available. (it completely needs reservations)
2.On the expiration date of the boarding ticket, include it a sale date; one-way two days, round-trip seven days.
3.A meal menu may change by a season.
4.It becomes the payment in each facility.

Irako accommodation plan

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