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About new coronavirus infection prophylaxis

Cooperation and request about infection prevention of the new coronavirus and nonproliferation measures

I appreciate your always using Isewan Ferry.
Because a customer uses a ferry in peace in us, according to "new coronavirus infection prophylaxis guidelines in the passenger boat business," I carry out the following infection preventive correspondence. I would like your understanding and cooperation.
1.I perform guidance to navigation work and a customer that I wear thermometry, mask before opening of the employee as the infection prevention, nonproliferation measures of the new coronavirus infectious disease. In addition, I install a scattering prevention seat and, about the duties (ticketing window, stand) to meet it with a customer, cope.
2.As I provide alcohol antiseptic solution when I put it in each terminal (Toba Port, Irago Port), ferry ship, I would like cooperation of the finger sterilization.
3.I take in regular fresh air by a draft in the ferry ship. In addition, I make opening (other than wild heaven-sent chance) and ventilate the doorway door during the navigation. In addition, a handrail or the doorknob which unspecified number of the general public uses perform bed-bath sterilization regularly.
4.I let a person in charge and a crew carry alcohol antiseptic solution as the infection prevention.
[to a customer]
In the customer, please cooperate from the viewpoint of infectious disease measures about the following points.
・In a terminal and the ship, you have you refrain from the conversations in customers, and please wear the mask.
・When you stand in a line at counters, please try to secure constant distance between customers.
・Even if it is fever and slightness, the person with the symptoms such as a cough, the throat, please refrain from the use.
・Please consult with the consultation desk of the public health center installing beforehand for each metropolis and districts in reference to HP of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare about the person worrying about physical condition. 

Ventilation measures

The fresh air harvest by the opening of the door
The ship takes in regular fresh air by a draft, but, for ventilation measures reinforcement, I leave a door open during the navigation and take in fresh air in the guest room.
Ventilation measures reinforcement by the setting of the air cleanliness
I installed an air cleaner in inboard guest room and the Toba Ferry Terminal the second floor floor and strengthened infection prophylaxis.
Setting number (strike reamer air cleaner made by DAIKIN INDUSTRIES)
Three Toba-maru public guest room five special rooms
Four Chita circle public guest room five special rooms (two front, two rear)
Four Ise-maru public guest room five special rooms (two front, two rear)
One Toba Ferry Terminal nine Irago Office
Special room
Special room prospects room
The information side
General guest room carpet seat
Terminal waiting for place
Terminal waiting for place
Terminal waiting for place
Terminal waiting for place

Contact infection measures

Setting of the antiseptic solution
I install alcohol antiseptic solution in each platform, ship.
When it is got, I would like finger sterilization.
It is enforcement of antibacterially treating it an antibacterial coat
The people in charge such as a doorknob or the handrail which unspecified number of the general public touches handle an antivirus antibacterial coat regularly.
Sterilization of the carpet seat
In the carpet seat of the guest room, the crew performs sanitization disinfectant work with a spray after duties.
Washing of the carpet seat
I ask for the carpet seat of the guest room to a specialized supplier and work on sanitization washing regularly.

PROTECTON Variac soot play

Our company uses the antivirus antibacterial spray product "PROTECTON Variac soot play" that Nippon Paint industrial coating released as new corona infection prophylaxis in July, 2021.
"The PROTECTON Variac's ™ spray" made full use of photocatalyst or us's original immobilization technology that Nippon Paint group cultivated by paint development until now and was developed. The publicity such as medical facilities, an office, the house space, public transport, educational institution is high and expect that I have the making of space that is safe in every scene where many people gather utilize it.
It reacts to the weak room light such as fluorescent lamps by adoption of the visible light reply form photocatalyst at the same time to remove a virus and the bacteria which attached to the surface by combination of the highly-concentrated alcohol instantly and even a gloomy place (environment) shows an antivirus antibacterial effect by the hybrid action with metal ions. The effect can expect continuation one month or more. Furthermore, by us's original immobilized technical application that I cultivated in a paint technology, I can expect the maintenance of the durable antivirus antibacterial coating film for the physical load such as the wet wiping.

Droplet infection measures

Setting of the scattering prevention seat
I install a scattering prevention seat in a ticket office, an information counter, the stand carrying out in a meeting and wait on customers.
Social distance
When you get up in front of a ticket office, a stand, please cooperate to have you avoid congestion and leave the interval and line up.

"The etiquette of the new trip" for tourists (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan Tourism Agency)

To a customer accompanying a pet

<when a pet has a cage in small size>
◆You use pet carry and cart, cage you have and completely put a whole body and can be accompanied in the state that closed a cover and a fastener.
◆You put it in the step in a deck and the guest room, and please manage it not to be a nuisance to other customers. I hope that I do not provide it outside at all.
◆When there are the customers such as allergies to case and animal which a complaint was given to by other customers, please obey the instructions of the person in charge immediately.
◆As a part of the face and the body of the pet cannot be accompanied by the appearing thing, please keep slingback or a basket in the inside of car.
<in the case of a big dog, a medium-sized dog>
I hope that I have you leave it in the inside of car.
※A guide dog or the service dog can go on board together.
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