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Tourism experience Expo "Tahara Meguri~Na”!

Tourism experience Expo "Tahara Meguri~Na”!
Tourism experience Expo " Tahara Meguri~Na "
In order to make Tahara City a healthy and affluent area, we will hold a tourism experience expo " Tahar a Meguri~Na " that is to immerse in the everyday life of the Atsumi Peninsula. Based on the theme of the event  "A journey to live on the Atsumi Peninsula", we offer 4 themes - "Agriculture · Flower", "Nature", "Handmade" and "Enjoyment"  with a  total of 40 programs  which we can only experience here. There are a lots of varieties of programs to enjoy including Chrysanthemums grown with artificial light Night Tour, Nature Observation Guide, Surfing Experience, Parent-Child Food education experience and so on. Take a ferry and join our exciting programs!
[ Period ] October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019
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Tahara Meguri~Na - Executive Committee Secretariat (Tahara City Commerce and Tourism Division)
TEL 0531 - 23 - 3522
[ Place ] Area of Tahara City

[ Entry fee ]
It depends on the program.
To participate this program., reservation is necessary.
[ Special feature ]
If you participate in the program., you will receive " Motto Tahara Meguri~Na/Coupon book"  which gives you great services from the city stores .

We are now handing out the "Toba guide book" on the 2nd floor of Toba ferry terminal!

For program reservation · details, please check at the Atsumi Peninsula tourist bureau special page.
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