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Tourism experience Expo "Tahara Meguri~Na”!

Tourism experience Expo "Tahara Meguri~Na”!
Tourism experience Expo " Tahara Meguri~Na "
In order to make Tahara City a healthy and affluent area, we will hold a tourism experience expo " Tahar a Meguri~Na " that is to immerse in the everyday life of the Atsumi Peninsula. Based on the theme of the event  "A journey to live on the Atsumi Peninsula", we offer 4 themes - "Agriculture · Flower", "Nature", "Handmade" and "Enjoyment"  with a  total of 40 programs  which we can only experience here. There are a lots of varieties of programs to enjoy including Chrysanthemums grown with artificial light Night Tour, Nature Observation Guide, Surfing Experience, Parent-Child Food education experience and so on. Take a ferry and join our exciting programs!
I carry out an experience-based program only in Tahara-shi where I made use of the topography of Atsumi Peninsula in during the period of from July 24, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
Which "it is handicraft de circulation ..." gathers 40 experience programs to the all members on the no 4 theme that "is enjoyment de circulation ...", and which "it is visiting flower, agriculture, fishery de ..." which I can experience only here provides which "it is wellness de circulation ...".
 Do you not spend a time of healing mentioning charm and the living of this town among rich nature?

[ Period ] October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019
[ Place ] Area of Tahara City

[ Entry fee ]
It depends on the program.
To participate this program., reservation is necessary.
[ Special feature ]
If you participate in the program., you will receive " Motto Tahara Meguri~Na/Coupon book"  which gives you great services from the city stores .

We are now handing out the "Toba guide book" on the 2nd floor of Toba ferry terminal!

For program reservation · details, please check at the Atsumi Peninsula tourist bureau special page.
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