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Atsumi Peninsula Canola flower Festival 2018

Canola flower garden

Canola flower field
Canola flower field
Period: January 13 (Sat) - March 31 (Saturday) 2018
Approximately 10 million Canola flowers can be appreciated around Atsumi Peninsula. There will be various events over the weekend and holidays. At each store around the venue, you can enjoy Canola flower food and sweets, gourmet of Donburi road, strawberry picking and enjoy the Atsumi Peninsula throughout the day.
Among them is the main venue  - the Canola flower field   which is a masterpiece. Please come by and enjoy!
Free parking (200 units) , Restroom
~ Good deal Information~
At Toba Ferry Terminal, we are offering Canola flower Festival pamphlets with great coupons that can be used during the holding period (50% discount of Isewan Ferry Special Room, 20% Discount of Meitetsu Kaijyou Tourist Bo
at, and other discounts applicable on each facility) !
Detailed contents of the Canola flower festival, click here.
(Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau Official Website)

Inquiries: Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau
               TEL 0531-23-3516

Atsumi Peninsula bowl way

Free shuttle information

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in February and March, a free shuttle service will be provided at the following time to the main venue.
From Road Station Crystal Porto From Irago Canola flower garden
11:30 11:00
13:30 13:00
14:30 14:00


Car: Approximately 5 minutes from Irago boarding point to main venue
On foot: From Irago boarding point, please use the Canola flower free shuttle.
(Service only available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in February and March)
* If you park a car at Toba Port, please use the Toba Ferry Terminal Paid Parking Area. (800 yen / unit per day).

Bicycle rental Information

Refreshing cycling while watching the deep blue sea!

Bicycles can be rented around Irago Cape.
Recommended for people who want to do sightseeing around Irago!
Please use it as means of transportation around Irago cape.

[ Price ]
○ Normal bicycle
   300 yen per hour
   1DAY plan 900 yen * 1DAY plan comes with prize
○ Electric Bicycle (A total of 24 units, 6 units per facility)
   500 yen per hour

For details, please contact the following Bicycle rental Information reception desk.
◆ Irago Crystal Porto 0531-35-6631
◆ Irago View Hotel 0531-35-6111
◆ Irago Vacation Village 0531-35-6411
◆ Irago Sea Park & Spa 0531-35-3516
Donburi Highway Stamp Rally is being held!
The Donburi Highway will continue as you go through the Atsumi Peninsula.
There are many ingredients available in the Atsumi Peninsula. You can enjoy delicious bowls full of chefs' skills and ideas.

Participating stores: 36 stores

For details, click here
(Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau Official Website)

Atsumi Peninsula bowl way

There are 12 farms in the Atsumi Peninsula where you can enjoy strawberry picking!
You can try eating different varieties of strawberries and enjoy checking out Canola flowers!
Please have a taste of surprisingly big, juicy and sweet strawberries and let’s find your favorite plantation!

Plantation: 12 farms

For details, click here
(Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau Official website)

Strawberry picking guide

Strawberry picking guide

(2018-01-05 ・ 849KB)

Strawberry picking map

Strawberry picking map

(2018-01-05 ・ 2167KB)

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